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rough news. after facing the brutal realities of this bear market, we've made the tough call to shut down Singular (formerly NFTScoring).

we hoped that SINGULAR could come back when NFT market recovers but the crypto market is moving away from NFTs. SINGULAR is gone for good.

we started back in Oct '21 with simple NFT analytics. this grew into a full NFT trading exchange for pro traders, serving over 500k users. unbelievable. all thanks to our team and community 🤍

singular pushed the boundaries of NFT trading. we introduced innovative gas-free listing cancellations, the most advanced TA, but most importantly, a smooth trading experience.

traders loved using our product, and we're forever grateful for that.


Just wanted to tell the team that you have made an absolute bomb of an app here. I have used pretty much all NFT trading tools out there and this is literally the best of 'em all. That trade mode view is soooo good

MAR 15, 2023

And one more thing, i somehow fall in love with nftscoring

APR 30, 2022

Check it out! I couldn’t have don’t it at all without you guys. I was up against bots sweeping. I could see the race and I had the fastest time! You are the BEST! Testimonial indeed!

MAY 30, 2022

Just got access to the tool and I must say, IT LOOKS DOPE AF 🔥 Have been using Nerds on n off for more than an year and this is like Nerds on steroids Hope to join you guys on this journey and give back some quality feedback But little details like the dynamic buys/sell column, side-by-side fp + live listings counter etc are quite intuitive

FEB 3, 2023

NFTScoring helps me perform quick due diligence on NFTs, shop Opensea better than their own UI can, and view charts/sell walls all in one place. It has made me back the cost of the membership many times over. Highly recommend anyone looking for an additional edge with your analytics and sniping needs. I gotta say, I am really digging this new feature with the real time pending transactions.

MAY 3, 2022

Another testimonial… when I post charts like the following to their discord servers, people go nuts. They say we have the best graph. WAY better than NFTNerds (that’s a quote). Love the sell wall chart and all@the rest of it. And all they want to do is ask me about NFTScoring!

JUN 6, 2022
Byte Moore

You guys are doing cool stuff. I can both trade and analyze in one place and it's all very convenient. Thank you.

FEB 3, 2023

I'm in NFTs for quite a while and I don't know any better tool than this. Since I'm a daily trader (not right now with the 🐻) I need to have access to the best data about projects. I'm using the Drop advanced window to see which projects have attention, I'm using Whales insides a lot and also love the new list of top upcoming project ⁠🗓┃alpha-list 🔥 And finally Expert View is my home. Love that! Can't imagine trading NFTs without NFTScoring! From my perspective best investment if you want to trade NFTs! 🔥 This is like Thank You to the NFTScoring team! Keep improving! Can't wait for future things Addicted to this 👇

MAY 13, 2022

In case your wondering Singular Beta is worth the wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAR 26, 2023

Thanks to NFTScoring I was able to spot Shinsekai and ape in early. Thank you so much for your amazing tool 🚀 Excited and Bullish about the tool 🔥

APR 8, 2022

Ill also add positive feedback. I have been able to snipe some amazing NFTs and make great profit. Thank you for that 👏🏽 Im also excited about the future. Can see that the tool is better every day and I really need it to be able to snipe 🔥

MAY 13, 2022
dskgom.eth® ◉-◉¬
@dskgom.eth® ◉-◉¬

i'm using more and more singular, you guys are making an amazing job

MAR 31, 2023

even with our non-stop dedication and your incredible support, this prolonged NFT winter made it impossible to keep the lights on. the cost of running complex NFT trading exchange is just too high.

in addition, the path to revenue was unclear as other marketplaces kept 0% trading fees. the only way to succeed was to go the crypto way and launch a token. therefore, as a first step, we brought the community together by minting the GM SINGULAR NFT collection.

thank you for putting your trust in us and minting either NFTScoring Pass or GM SINGULAR. thanks to you we built an amazing product that people loved to use.

as we wrap this chapter, our top priority is doing right by our community.
we'll be processing a refund for GM SINGULAR NFT.

the refund price is 0.027 ETH for each GM SINGULAR NFT. we believe this will be fair for everyone as it also refunds the very early holders of NFTScoring Pass that received 10 free GM SINGULAR NFTs.

many wallets are no longer active, so sending the refund to all wallets would result in a lot of ETH being lost forever. therefore, in order to receive the refund, you will have two options:

first option is to send your GM SINGULAR NFT to this wallet: 0x40BC1382001aC8570fa2D4D122Ea0Cc598FF2e1c. We're processing these refunds manually, so expect your payment within a few days.

second option is to sell your GM SINGULAR NFT right away to the bid wall we've created on Blur, see here.

after 7/10/2024, we end the buy back program and we will distribute the remaining funds to our investors.

sometimes just building an amazing product is not enough. the NFT and crypto market is running on incentives, and if you don't play by these rules, you get crushed. no matter how great your product is.

it's been an honor to build SINGULAR with you guys. we all hoped for better results, but we're glad we managed to serve you during the time it mattered most, the NFT bull market.

SINGULAR, the trading exchange that gave you an edge in the market.

until we meet again.

the SINGULAR team